3.0000 lab-grown-diamond Rare Carat Ideal Heart Cut Diamond

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Description: 3.00 Carat G SI1 Rare Carat Ideal Cut Heart Lab Grown Diamond IGI Certified


Brand: Rare Carat

Diamond Type: Lab Created – to learn more about lab diamonds visit https://www.rarecarat.com/education/diamonds-guide/lab-grown-diamonds

Product Ratio: :Length/Width Ratio:1.20

Color: :Color:G

Clarity: :Clarity:SI1

Fluorescence: :Fluorescence:None

Polish: :Polish:Very Good

Symmetry: :Symmetry:Very Good

Table: :Table:59.50%

Depth: :Depth:60.70%

Measurement: :Measurements:10.05 X 8.40 X 6.10mm

Grading Lab: Grading Lab: IGI

Lab diamonds are a type of diamond that is created in a controlled laboratory setting. The diamonds are made to mimic the appearance and properties of naturally occurring diamonds. The product ratio for this lab diamond is :Length/Width Ratio:1.20, meaning it has a well-proportioned length-to-width ratio. The color is :Color:G and the clarity is :Clarity:SI1, making it a clear and bright diamond. The fluorescence of this diamond is :Fluorescence:None, which can add to its overall appearance under certain lighting conditions. The polish of this lab diamond is :Polish:Very Good, ensuring a smooth and reflective surface. Its symmetry is :Symmetry:Very Good, giving it a balanced and well-proportioned shape. The table of this diamond is :Table:59.50% and its depth is :Depth:60.70%, making it a well-cut and attractive diamond. The measurement of this diamond is :Measurements:10.05 X 8.40 X 6.10mm and it is graded by Grading Lab: IGI, a reputable diamond grading laboratory.